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Larry Clark Photo About Larry Clark

Thanks for stopping by my personal site and blog. I appreciate it.

First and foremost, I am a man of faith and family first. I left a secure position as a Police Officer after only 9 years because I didn’t see my wife and 3 children enough. It was the right decision as I have now been happily married over 34 years to my beautiful wife, have three great grown children who have blessed me with 3 grand-babies. I don’t ever regret that decision, even though it was a risk, but always knew I had a deep down entrepreneur passion that could be explored.

Through a couple of lean years financially, I ended up getting a sales position with a pre-fab housing Company. I had no experience but had a great Sales mentor and ended up their number one sale person within 18 months and opened a new U.S. market for them from Canada. A year later, I started my own prefab Company and within 2 years, was 60 thousand in the hole. I took any sale manager position I could get and dug myself out of that hole. Long story short, I started a new export prefab housing/cabin Company, learned from my mistakes and went on to a successful eleven-year run exporting home packages all over the world!

I mention all this because that is where I really learned to leverage the internet for my Company and build websites to capture leads from potential clients. When I sold the Company, we had well over 40 thousand leads in our database. Since then, I have been privileged to be able to share my experiences and expertise in online and offline marketing and to help businesses identify and reach their peak potential.

Now I leverage my time and effort, to not only secure my upcoming years financially, but to take others along with me to prosper and grow a digital online business together. I am sure a few who are reading this can relate and maybe allot of you cannot. In life, there are risks worth taking and if you think about it, dreams and aspirations are truly worth pursuing. Feel free to contact me anytime and I would be honoured to discuss my journey and yours moving forward.

Kind Regards,

“To discover your God given purpose and destiny in life”