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Business Success Comes Down to One Crucial Thing…

Business Success Comes Down to One Crucial Thing…

What is the One Thing that Helped me Gain Success in Business? Confidence.

We have all heard the term, ‘fake it until you make it‘.  At the beginning of my sales and business career, I thought that ‘faking it’ was a great theme to take on until I truly was a success.  I learned to dress nice, say the right things when prospecting, had my sales presentations down to a tee and still could not seem to make a dent in my market. After almost 9 years of being in law enforcement, you gain allot of experience and confidence early that I thought could help me in my new path in life. Right? It wasn’t until someone, I don’t even remember who, said to me…”people see it in your eyes and hear it in your voice”. See what?… I said. Hear what? “…That you are not confident about what you are selling or what you are saying. You don’t have enough confidence”.
That hit me like a ton of bricks. I looked the part, spoke the part (at least I thought so), so how could people discern that I wasn’t confident?

I ended up recording myself at a sales call and knew then that I wasn’t fooling anyone. It was there that I started reading about building confidence in sales and learning online by watching proven successful people like Zig Ziglar (Ziglar On Selling) .
Zig was a master at what he did. You could tell he was exceptionally confident in what he was talking about. But how did he get there?  Was he a gifted speaker from birth?  Nope.  He just practiced repeating his message over and over again until it became second nature to him and part of who he was.  Zig believed everything he told people about being successful because it was the same path that made him one of the most sought after speakers of all time.

So how does this relate to business success? My confidence grew after I had understood the work and repetition of what I was doing equated to making sales. It didn’t start after the first house sale or the second, it only strengthened my resolve to learn more about housing, building, financing and anything else related to helping a client. It got to the point in my prefab housing career that there was really no question I could not answer confidently. I had gained everyday experience that added to my knowledge base and boosted confidence even more, to the point I started my own Company that had a 11 year profitable run.

I truly believe that confidence in business is gained and earned over time. When I have the privilege of talking to new business owners and entrepreneurs, I often speak of being truthful with clients, employee’s and yourself, that you do not know everything at this point in your journey and that is perfectly fine. Clients are OK with ..” I am not sure about the answer to your question but I will personally make sure you get one”.  What better way to keep a potential client in the sales system than having a secondary conversation needed.

Fake it until you make might work for a select few but I will stick to fortitude, hard work, repetition, and persistence.

Last point…ABL. “Always be Learning”.  You will never learn everything in your lifetime but you can concentrate on learning more about your specific field of expertise which will do nothing but build your self confidence.

When a leader lacks confidence, followers lack commitment. John Maxwell

Kind Regards,
Larry J Clark

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