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Why I chose the Laptop Lifestyle

Why I chose the Laptop Lifestyle

Now Living the Laptop Lifestyle- Digital Marketing Entrepreneur

Why I chose the SFM Digital Marketing Program Picture

If you have read my introduction blog post, you will know that I come from a law enforcement and business background.  That being said, I was never really one for hanging out in an office or attending meetings. I know I get bored easily and would rather have a ‘change of scenery’ or be out actually meeting with clients. Teaching businesses marketing and how to grow their client base has been very rewarding but I knew I couldn’t keep trading hours for dollars and needed to plan for my retirement income. Not having a guaranteed employment pension coming in, I know needed to research what the current and long term trends were in the marketplace and what opportunities allowed me to work independently. As an Entrepreneur, I also was not adverse at learning new skills or to work hard to accomplish the dream of running my own business from my laptop anywhere I wanted in the world. (click on my photo to the left to see the video)

I came up with three criteria for moving into my new laptop lifestyle business:

  1. Replace my current income and provide for income in my semi-retirement years. ( I will never really retire…I would be bored) The potential to not only replace my income but develop a business model that does not have restricted potential. The business also had to have a residual income proponent so past campaigns that I have already setup, would continue to provide a ‘trickle’ (passive) income, not requiring any more effort on my part.
  2. Build a business model that would allow me to ‘brand’ myself or other Companies through a replicate-able system. Once I learned the proven system, I knew I could duplicate it as many times as I wanted depending on how busy I wanted to be.  I eliminated a MLM type of system as I have never had much success with that model. Branding…I wanted to brand my Business/Company throughout the web and social media and develop my entrepreneurial spirit.
  3. Freedom of working anywhere as long as there was a WiFi connection. Not limited to client hours for working time. This allows me to work evenings and spend daytime business hours with the grand-kids. Freedom to travel. One of my favourite places to go is Palm Springs California.  I have been there many times and I love the laid back lifestyle and sunny weather all most all year round. I can have my laptop on the patio and get work done with an early morning coffee by the pool listening to the birds and wind in the palm tree’s. Yup, I can visualize it now.

My search brought me to my decision to invest in the Six Figure Mentors program. It was a proven affiliate marketing system with a track record of successful people like myself, both from a business background and others with no business experience at all. The trend toward ‘everything marketed online’ and the need for professionals who could teach that to business people and Companies excited me.  I also knew my success was solely dependent on my effort and learning curve and I embraced that. I knew what the end goal was and I was willing to put the work in that was required.
Having experience in digital marketing and affiliate marketing in my previous pre-fab housing Company,  I think gave me a a distinct advantage but I chose to start the training the same as everyone else and not skip any steps. I really appreciated the ‘live’ webinars each week, video training and the personal help from the team at SFM as well as other members.

Thus, my decision to live out a laptop lifestyle for whatever time God allows me to be here. So far I am extremely pleased with my progress and I can see the opportunities and income security that will develop into the future months and years. For me, this was the right fit.

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All the best to you and you’re future dreams,

Kind Regards,
Larry J Clark

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