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The 3 Main Things I learned Doing Business Coaching and Marketing

The 3 Main Things I learned Doing Business Coaching and Marketing

Three Things I learned as a Business Coach

I have been in business now for well over 20 years and have had the privilege of sharing my advice and experiences by mentoring and coaching Businesses.  There have been allot of lessons I have learned from sitting down with business people and business owners and here are my top three:

1. Sometimes a Business doesn’t really want to change

I know this sounds a bit funny considering the business had called me in to help them. Adapting to the changing marketplace, digital marketing, and new buying trends from customers can overwhelm a business. When I am invited to meet with a business owner and their team, the first thing I do is ask them why I am there. Do they need to increase their client base? Reach out to a new market? Promote a new product or service? Increase cash flow? Really, why am I here? It takes awhile but eventually I will pinpoint the REAL need and will do an assessment of what is working and what needs to improve.
Here’s where the ‘push back’ usually comes. I will give the person or Company a game plan to implement and I will immediately get responses like…”we will need to take that to higher Management to approve” or “we have always done it this way in the past” , to which I will respond, “How is that worked out for you so far?”  “Isn’t that the whole idea of why I am sitting down with you today?”
Sometimes change is hard and status quo is the least path of resistance. I overcome the hesitancy by re-assuring them I know what I am doing and that they will benefit by moving forward rather than standing still.

2. Have a Strategy and Implementation Plan

If you give a Business or Company a ‘Game Plan’ on what they need to do to increase cash flow, be more efficient and gain more customers , you had better have a way to help them implement the strategy or you are wasting their time, not to mention your own. Businesses usually do one or two things extremely well. They produce a product or service and have learned to promote that to the market. If you give them strategies for marketing, lead generation and how to build relationship with their existing client base to increase sales,  have a resource base available to help them execute that strategy.
I find Companies are usually lacking in-house graphic and website designers as well as designated sales or marketing teams. This is where you need  to step in and supply all the resources needed to make sure the plan was implemented and successful. It is too easy to consult a Company, give them advice, take their money and then say ‘ hope things work out for you’. A strategic plan needs to be activated in order for it to work.

3. Over Promising and Under Delivering

OK, so here’s a confession…sometimes I am not the first Business Consultant to be called in. What? Really? Yup…I know it is hard to believe but it is true. All kidding aside, I have been in a few situations where I was called in to ‘fix’ a marketing or sales program that went all wrong. Not only had the client wasted allot of money and time, but also took a hit to their pride. The Companies had contracted some higher profile, ‘all talk’ consultants that had promised them (never promise anything) that if they did Y and Z, their sales would go through the roof! Unfortunately, the advice was based on outdated sales and marketing tactics and the businesses saw little to no improvement and no return on their investment. (ROI)
I definitely won’t say that I rode in on a white stallion and saved the Companies, but I did help them with a new direction and strategies that put them back on track to their original goals.

There are more lessons that I learned by being a Business Coach and Mentor and there are more I am sure to be learned. These three were really the ones that stood out to me when preparing to write this post and my goal in writing this is that you learned something that you can use to help with your growth into the future.

Kind Regards,
Larry J Clark

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