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This is the Year to Get Real

This is the Year to Get Real

 The Year to Get Real- 2017

Sooner or later, we all come to a point in our life journey where we have a ‘get real’ with our self moment. We realize the situation or place we are in isn’t what we imagined years earlier. Dreams and accomplishments we hang onto that we have not achieved yet.

For me, it was turning 57 years old in March 2017 and realizing my life and income goals were really no closer than they were last year. I wrote an introduction blog post for this new site in December. In that post, I described where I was at in life and where I wanted to be. When I realized on my birthday I was into a near year, and knew it was time to get real with myself and what I wanted to achieve. Here’s what I did:

Get Real #1… wrote an Action Plan. Anything not written down has about a 10% chance of every being achieved.
I set a monthly income goal and then broke it down by the actual income streams I already had coming in and potential income streams I can create through affiliate programs, consulting and joint ventures. ( feel free to email me and I will explain in more detail)

Get Real #2…Implementation. I set daily, weekly and monthly tasks for each revenue stream. Use a online calendar with reminders so you can stay on track. I personally like Evernote . It is a a great app and integrates with my computer so I can add reminders and notes from either my phone or my macbook. Make sure you break down the tasks to manageable activities so you are not overwhelmed. Concentrate on tasks that will bring in the most amount of income first and then on the lower income activities. Prioritize!
A good tip I will share with you is that menial, redundant tasks can be outsourced easily through freelance consultants for minimal costs. Sites like Upwork provide such services.

Get Real #3…Be Consistent. Without constant activity and action, you will be celebrating another birthday asking yourself why you didn’t take your written “action plan” and implement it!
Look, I understand probably more than anyone that ‘life’ gets in the way of good intentions. No matter how dedicated you are, other priorities like family and relationships seem to detour you away from set tasks. Don’t get discouraged or give up! If you miss your goal by a day or two, not a big deal in the overall picture. I can’t stress enough that this crucial to your success. Try and do something EVERYDAY that will produce an income or get you closer to your final dream.

Getting ‘real’ with yourself is not comfortable. It’s like someone shining a flashlight on you in the dark. You have nowhere to hide. It it also a great blessing to help you get re-orientated and back on your life’s destiny path.

Make 2017 the year for you so you can look back an know exactly when you decided to get real with yourself! If you need guidance or just need someone to keep you accountable, feel free to contact me.

To your success and God given purpose,

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