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What is Digital Marketing Anyway?

What is Digital Marketing Anyway?

A Explanation of the Term Digital Marketing

There is allot of differing opinions on what digital marketing is and what is means. The term ‘digital marketing’ really is a blanket statement that covers online marketing and internet marketing strategies. These include social media campaigns, email marketing, video marketing as well as building a brand online.

With the growth of Facebook, YouTube and even the photo sharing site Instagram, more and more businesses are starting to stand up and take notice of digital marketing.  Companies are looking to leverage the popularity and captive audience that Social Media platforms can give them but they need to identify how exactly to do that. Companies need to formulate a strategy to get the word out on their product or service. That creates relationship with potential clients and in turn,  creates possible new revenue streams for the business.

Here is my best advice for Businesses looking to attract new customers through social media:

Be Real- Don’t try and target a message to someone that is outside of your scope of product or service. Don’t target ‘snow boarders’ if you have never skied.  Be true to your values and ideals and show how you can be relevant to someone with what you provide.

Build Relationship- “Seek first to understand…” What are the problems or challenges a person or Company may be having? What have they done previously to try and get help for their problem? How did that work out? How can you step in possibly and help? Social media interaction is ideal for finding this out.
Never slam your product/service in front of a potential client without even knowing if they even need it.

Add Value- Be consistent online with great quality content and give out advice without asking for anything in return. You might be asking “why would I want to do that?” Good question…here is the answer. Brand yourself online as the ‘go to’ Company or person when it comes to answering questions specific to your field of expertise or service. You never know when someone realizes they need your help and read or viewed your content online. I can assure you from personal experience, you will be rewarded.

As Zig Ziglar used to say…”help as many people as you can get what they want, and you will always get what you want”

Kind Regards,
Larry J Clark

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