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What’s All the Talk About Marketing and Sales Funnels?

What’s All the Talk About Marketing and Sales Funnels?

What’s All the Talk About Marketing and Sales Funnels?

In case you have not heard, the conversation in marketing circles right now is the use of a funnel system for attracting new leads and customers. Marketing and sales funnels lead potential clients them through a qualification process that will hopefully transition into a purchase or sale. But do funnels really work? A quick answer is yes… if they are setup properly.

Here’s the theory that makes marketing and sales funnels work effectively.

Engage potential customers online through social marketing, articles, podcasts and other lead generation strategies. As a Company or Business, you provide relevant , practical information and value to someone who is looking to solve a problem or challenge. The online or offline viewer see’s that you are being sincere in assisting them with valuable content and help. They now start to know, like and trust you. You are now engaged with the new prospect through a lead system that aims at obtaining the personal email from this consumer, to which you can now send them more specific information about your products/services and make an offer to them for a purchase.

The real key to this system is that once a potential client has given you permission to contact them ( ie. email) , you can now send them information and updates targeted to them personally and once they become a buying customer, more higher ticket offers can be presented to them.

The ‘funnel’ marketing/sales system can take some time to setup initially, but once activated, becomes a powerful automated way to gain and interact with your lead base.

Is it worth it for your Business to explore a marketing funnel…I would absolutely say yes.  Feel free to contact me personally and I can spend some time with you on a call to explain how to get started.

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